Youth in the Beef Industry

Introducing young people into the beef industry is extremely important. The average age of beef producers is increasing steadily as current beef producers are aging and there is little young blood being introduced into the industry

Many colleges offer not only beef industry related majors and degree programs, but also agricultural related degrees in general. However, college tuition is expensive and many people have difficulty paying for it out of pocket. Grants, loans, and scholarships help to alleviate the financial strain that college puts not only on the student, but also on the family of the student.

Scholarships, such as the ones listed here, are offered for current and potential agricultural students, especially beef industry related students, to help defray those costs associated with attending post secondary educational institutions. Hopefully, with excellent programs, as currently offered by colleges and universities, and financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and especially scholarships, will help bring younger people into the beef industry, and into agriculture as a whole.

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