December 17, 2012

HARRISBURG (Dec. 17) – PA Center for Beef Excellence soon will offer a statewide RFID Animal ID program to PA producers. This program should be available in January of 2013. 

According to the National Beef Quality Audit of 2011, consumers want to know more about the food they consume. They want to know how it is raised and where it comes from. Providing this information will give producers a competitive advantage in the market. Consumer demand for local beef products will be met by establishing “source” for the cattle producing beef products through a state recognized RFID tag management system.

This program will establish the origin of the beef product through the use of an effective animal identification system in partnership with the PA Department of Agriculture. A voluntary driven statewide program that will equip cattle producers with the necessary components to deliver a product that can be traced back to the PA farm of origination.

Through certification and individual or group animal identification Pennsylvania producers will be able to provide beef products consumers trust. The supply chain which includes the packers is requesting cattle identified as being born and raised in PA. The opportunity to add premiums through identified cattle is encouraged statewide by a consumer driven market willing to pay more for the value these products offer.

RFID Tags will be available free of charge through CBE in the near future. Please check the website or contact Ann Nogan at 570-687-3150 for up to date information on program details.

The Center for Beef Excellence was established in 2007 to promote the beef industry through education, production efficiency, government and community relations, and economic development. Representing 28,000 beef producers in Pennsylvania with 1.61 million head of cattle, the industry generates over $2 billion in economic impact yearly in the Commonwealth. The Center for Beef Excellence is an equal opportunity provider.


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